Can Roon play music to my mobile whilst I’m out of the house

(Eric Graig) #1

Just saw roon mentioned in an article in the NYT. Is the solution to a vexing problem? I have a huge iTunes library consisting mostly of music that I purchased and therefore own. I no longer use my elderly iPod and would like to be able to play my music through my Android phone. A good deal of my iTunes collection resides on my phone but much remains on a hard drive. I’d like to move the music and the playlists from iTunes on the hard drive to my Android device in such a way that I can play it both at home (through a Bose SoundTouch speaker) and whilst out and about. Will roon help me do this?

(Daniel Beyer) #2

Not at the moment, while Roon can play to an Android phone in your house Roon does not have a mobile option. Mobile options are in the pipeline but there has been no timeline given for the feature.