Can Roon replace Kazoo/LINN in my setup?

I have a question which may sound ignorant to some however I am just that when it comes to Roon. I am running the LINN SELECT DSM, and not completely enamored with the Kazoo and LINN app. Will Roon take the place of those apps for playback if I use it and if so is it an overall improvement? Can I run Qobuz, Tidal, and all of my music on my NAS as well direct from Roon?

I can’t answer your first question, but yes, you can use Roon to play your own music files as well as stream from Tidal and Qobuz. Roon adds a whole new visual experience versus just playing and listening to music.

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If you haven’t discovered it yet, there is a part of the forum for Linn equipment users, so feel free to ask related questions there:

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Yes. Roon can stream to your Linn devices and provide an alternative to those apps.

Yes. Please take a 14 day trial of Roon and give it a shot. The onboarding process should help get your Linn gear set up in Roon easily.

I have a hybrid Roon system, with two Linn systems (Klimax 350 and Kiko) and two non-Linn systems. I use Roon exclusively to play music on all those systems, both from my local music library and from Qobuz (I don’t have Tidal). I use Linn apps now and then to control Linn system features outside Roon.

Thank You very much

Thank you very much