Can Roon run "headless" [Solved]

I am trying out Roon as a replacement for Logitech Media Server, with the thought that over time I may replace some or all of my Squeezebox devices. Currently, I have LMS running on a headless Windows Server 2012R2 machine, and I would like Roon to run there too. Unfortunately, Roon doesn’t like running from a remote connection. (I would use other machines and tablets as controllers, just as I do now with LMS.)

What should I do?

Hi Ronald,

You can run RoonServer and configure it from any other Roon installation. Instructions here.

I’m running Roon Server on my pc-based media server, controlling it from my iPad or from any other computer on my network. Works like a charm and the Roon experience is identical regardless of controller platform (at least for me).

Thank you, guys. The server program works without needing video. In fact, when I ran it nothing at all seemed to happen. But then using my laptop as the controller, indeed I did see the server and things are proceeding. The key was the server program (not the “regular” Roon install).

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