Can Roon stream be adjusted to 192k for DSD 128 Files

I have some DSD files in 128 format. My DAC (Devailet) is limited to DSD 64 (it is converted to PCM 192 within the DAC) - via Roon it is up sampled to 176k - is there any way to adjust this within Roon?

I have attached a pic.

This is probably because it’s a clean divide by four, so potentially better quality than an non-integer divide.
Or does the devialet upsample everything anyway?

Dev up samples to192k _ I need to get it delivered in either DSD 64 or any other form so it can up sample with out Roon processing the file. I have tried the HQ Player but cannot determine the settings for smooth playback for DSD 128 files (see my other post)

"[quote=“paaj, post:2, topic:13788”]
Or does the devialet upsample everything anyway?

There is no way to bypass the digital processing in the amp because it is an inherent part of the way the power output stage works.

Not that I know of. Roon is resampling the DSD to the best source for the connected DAC’s abilities. In this case, the division by 4 to 176 is considered a cleaner transform as there are no remainders to deal with. Roon chooses to do this because the Dev reports that it can take 176. If indeed, the Dev reported only 192 and not 176, Roon would instead do the transform to 192.

As Far As I Understand, the Dev processes everything input into it no matter what the source - digital or analogue. Which is why HQPlayer gains you nothing with the Dev as the Dev just takes it and processes it again.

So, does it really matter whether Roon feeds the Dev, 192 or 176? Not really in my opinion, as the Dev will process either input.

Thanks - makes sense - as I have tried the several output settings inclusive of the HQ Player - there is very little discernible difference in SQ - in fact I find the sound is clearer without the HQ Player (could be my settings in the HQ player are sub-optimal, post in another thread). The DSD 128 files (I have several) do not sound as clear as DSD 64 or the 192 k - having said that I am aware that some recordings sound good at 44 k - so this is only my general observation for the Dev via AIR for DSD128 files.

Can’t you activate dsd64 under audio settings? I remember being able to select the supported formats for my USB DAC.
Or is DSD downsample always to PCM?

The Dev plays DSD 64 (it converts to PCM 192k) - doesn’t playback DSD 128 which I use Roon or Roon/HQ Player - I have not quite sorted the settings on the latter setup as the output is not smooth. For now just using Roon which is coverting the file to 176k

I mean Roon’s audio settings for the Devialet stream. There is an autodetect, but you can also select what is and what is not supported.

Yes - with Roon no issues at all - my test was more around Roon with HQ Player integration - which does not work for me on DSD 128 Files - will upgrade my hardware and re-visit HQ Player.