Can Roon support a better responsive design?

Dear, @support,

I’m using Roon fullscreen on a 1280x720px retina screen, but the bottom half of the now playing bar gets cut off (see attachment).

From an interface design standpoint I would say that 1280x720 is a frequently used screen size, so why not support it. On the other hand I believe (from my own experience designing and coding interfaces) that the “Your screen resolution is too small…” is a bad UI/UX design choice for a responsive design (why not make it fully responsive, or as small as possible because there’s room for it), but that’s another matter. :wink:

I’m running Roon Version 1.3 (build 296) stable (64 bit) on macOS High Sierra.

Kind regards, Julius

P.S. Love you software!


Same problem here:(

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Hey @jmvdv – we are working on some new designs and it’s possible we may be able to support smaller resolutions once that goes live, but I can’t make any commitments here.

I don’t have a timeline for when those new designs might go live, but for now we recommend 1440 x 900 as the minimum resolution for Roon.

If your screen is Retina, you may also want to look into scaling. More details here.

720p is quite rare for computers in 2017 – your 12" Macbook from early 2015 is the only one left (or ever made) from the Macs.

I suggest you scale it so you get more virtual resolution:

See the “More space” setting.

Hi Danny,

Thanks for your quick response. I’m actually using a 27 inch non-retina iMac in retina mode (2560x1440 -> 1280x720), which is perfect for readability from a couple of meters and using Roon.

I also own a 15" MacBook Pro for work and I’m not fond of the scaled versions. Not sharp enough for my taste.

Thing is, I’ve got the same neurotic tendencies with visuals as I have with audio and I’m also a digital designer.

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Hello Mike,

A 1280px wide screen is fine for Roon (would say perfect).

Roon is usable with the missing part in the bottom. I just think it could be better.

See my other comment concerning the scaling.

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On a larger scale: the message when you decide that someone’s screen is too small is bad UX. It actually says you need to refine the design so you don’t have to show this message.

Roon is too good for this.

There is a new UI design in the works that will unify the UI for phone to small tablet to laptop

Right now the UI has a minimum size.


Sounds super! Thanks for the response.

Kind regards, Julius