Can Roon work with Burmester internal DAC via MMI?

I am going to buy Burmester CD Player model CD 089. It has internal DAC to receive external digital source from external music server (Roon NUC, my case) via MMI card. MMI in Burmester CD089 is designed to receive external digital source from music server via USB built in MMI card in Burmester CD089.
My question is, can Roon work with Burmester CD089 via MMI usb? Look forward your reply.

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Depends on what OS you’re going to run on the NUC - if it’s Windows you’d likely need Windows drivers. If you’re planning to run ROCK, then I don’t know the answer to the question, but if the MMI costs extra, you may as well use the money to get a streamer / endpoint with SPDIF output instead. The player you’re going to buy does not support DSD, so you don’t have to use USB.