Can Roon's search function somehow do this?

Hi - first time Roon user and first time poster here. I’ve just realized that long ago, when I did some marathon ripping sessions of my old CDs to my hard drive, that somehow, in many instances, the first track of a given CD didn’t make it onto the HD. As such, I have numerous albums that begin with Track 2, with Track 1 nowhere to be found.

So, was wondering if there’s any way for the Roon software to sift through all my albums and single out which of them are missing a “Track 1” and put them all together so I can determine which CDs need to be re-ripped? Or is there an outside possibility the track is there, but just not being detected? Weird question, I know… any thoughts much appreciated!

A first hint would be that the incomplete CDs are not recognized automatically. So check your unidentified CDs (Albums/Focus/Inspector/-Identified).

Thanks Rainer - a great thought and just tried it but looks like that’s not the issue. So to be clear, it doesn’t appear that I’m having this problem because of the Roon software. Rather, I’m wondering whether Roon’s focus/search function could somehow help me solve it by singling out all the albums that begin with Track 2.

Yes, I understand. The idea was to scan all the unidentifed albums to see which are the ones that start with Track 2. I don’t think there is a direct way to do this within Roon.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Roon managed to identify them with or without Track 1 and that didn’t pull up any of the problem albums. Thanks though!

Since the very first version of Roon you can use focus to find album with contiguous (and non-contiguous) track numbers.

Give it a try.

Thanks for the tip. I thought I was okay in this respect, but when I focused on “not contiguous,” I discovered a few anomalies.

No problem. It is a really useful feature to help groom and improve one’s library.
It can be surprising to find issues with old forms of ripping and cataloging e.g. to get the best out of squeezebox which don’t work so well with Roon.
Classic example being

Disc 1 tracks 1-20
Disc 2 tracks 21-40

Roon gets better IDmatch with

Disc 1 tracks 1-20
Disc 2 tracks 1-20

I had a similar problem where albums that I had edited the meta data started off with track 2 and track 1 was by itself with the Roon meta data. Here is an example: I prefer all of my soundtracks/film scores to be listed under score and not the composer for example Hans Zimmer. I edited the artist to read “score” but for some reason the first track stayed listed under Hans Zimmer with the balance of Tracks 2 to X listed “Score”. (It is possible it was just the opposite but you get the idea). I then selected the two albums and used the “Merge” command to put all tracks tougher.

Nice; this focus approach highlighted a few problem areas…and I think it might help solve the OP’s issue.