Can Ropieee auto pair once it sees the Roon server again

Due to the increasing pricing of electric, reluctantly am in the process of closing down my uber server. Its costing me around £34 per month to run, gulp.
Obviously as a proper server it runs 24/7 and is very much over kill for the task at hand.

I am not moving to rock on an i5 motherboard, relatively modern, 6th gen so not a slouch. However it will not be permanently on. All data is on SSD so it starts fast, but one thing I am running into is each time its restarted ropieee does not connect to it, I have to go into settings and hit pair. I have 4 ropieee instances running around the house, so this is not ideal.

Is there anything I can do to make ropieee auto pair once it sees the server again?

It occurs to me that the older server is still currently running, (but not hooked to my account) is it possible that ropoieee connects to that one once its missing the new one?

I shut mine (ROCK on NUC) down when I moved to a new house and when I got the network and Roon server up, It just automatically remembered the server and settings. Both my wired and wireless RoPIeee’s worked this way. I would try shutting down the old server and see if that fixes it.

Well this is a pain in the arse. I have reverted, I just cannot live without my powerful server! Problem now is I was using one of may players with rock as the server, so I have signed out of that and back into my main server.

Ropieee will not let go of the other rock server, each morning I have no ropieee screens, because they have re-associated themselves with the rock (Which is no longer being the sever)

Because I cannot go into the rock server because I signed out, all I can think to do is reinstall rock on it. Its like chicken and the egg!

RoPieee does not ‘pair’ with Roon: that’s not how it works.
For Roon it’s simple: the connection is being made via the zone.

Now, if you are talking about displays and such: then there is pairing involved of the extension, which can be done from the Roon interface under extensions.

Well I dont know something has gone tits up so I am just reinstalling ropieee which is working :slight_smile: