Can Ropieee correct for Raspberry Pi official touchscreen non-square pixels?

Up and running with Ropieee on Raspberry Pi 3B with official touchscreen. Works great! (Thanks Harry @spockfish.) All good except the non-square pixel issue with the official display makes the cover art and controls look “squished.” Other forums (native Arch Linux) say there is a way to correct for this by putting the following code in /boot/config.txt. I did this and got no improvement. Is the framebuffer not activated in the Ropieee version of Arch Linux? Or is there a different way to correct for the distortion?


@spockfish I uploaded feedback to you with this identifier aa6fc14d41e9f586


No the framebuffer is not used in RoPieee, nor is X for that matter.
RoPieee works directly on the hardware. The width and height are used though.

Tbh, I don’t see the distortion, other then the simpel fact that indeed the pixels are non-squared.

If I want to change the width and height to the ones listed, is there an easy way to do it without the framebuffer?

Thanks for your help!