Can someone help me with Dropbox?

I am trying to set up Dropbox as a backup. I get to the window where I need to authenticate using a code provided by Dropbox, but I have no idea how to get the code to connect with Roon. I am working within a Mac mini. Drag and drop does not work. Copying the 20+ character code one-at-a-time to the authentication area does not work. I click on the Paste the Code area and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

I would appreciate the help! When I first signed up with Roon, years ago, the connection with Dropbox with pretty much automatic, but now I am unable to make it happen. Thanks!


When you get the code, right click on it and select copy.
Then you go back to Roon and select paste the code , then it should be there.


Thanks, Ace!

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Did that work for you?
Be warned though, Dropbox backup is a long slow afair although I do use it as well as a regular backup just because I can and have a 3tb Dropbox “vault”.

Can’t try it until later, but if I can’t get it to work, I don’t need the dropbox account. Used to be much simpler…….

Dropbox is not an ideal situation either for the backup and especially a restore. If you want to use dropbox, it is better to backup to a local destination, zip the backup, and then copy that zip to dropbox. The number of small individual files can make a restore potentially take days.

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Looks like I got it done, thanks to you.


Thanks. Dropbox is my #2 and #3 backup location. I have another on a different device.

No problem Mike, my current Roon backup is at 26 thousand small files. While the total on disk size isn’t big, when backing up to Dropbox, it has to re-handshake the connection for each file; and with that many that small stoppage can adds up to hours. For example, if the handshake takes an additional second for each file then the total added time to the transfer for just “handshakes” is 7 hours. Vs. just one 1 second handshake to copy the one large file.


Are you backing up your music files on Dropbox? I have mine on multiple portable hard drives, one in a safety deposit box that I rotate every six months. I can afford new hardware when needed, but replacing my library I would be expensive and daunting.

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Me? No, I don’t backup my music files to dropbox. I have multiple backups on different devices. My comments previously were only about backing up Roon’s database.

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