Can someone look over the audio settings for my Hegel 390 playing MQA?

Good morning everyone… I went to play from my library to day and noticed my 192khz was only playing at 96khz… not sure what the change was , had not touched anything…

I reset everything… but wanted to get feedback if Path looked ok ?
Hegel 390
Mac Mini
Audioquest USB to Hegel

I “think” it all looks ok… but any feed back would be appriciated…

best !

Looks fine. You are playing a 24/48 file to your Hegel which is doing all the MQA processing.

Thanks !
Figured it be the « white » symbol all the way through like a direct path

Thanks again !


I think your Hegel H390 MQA Capabilities should be set to Decoder and Renderer. I also recommend enabling MQA Core decoder.

(It does not impact your current signal path. However, if some day you wish to use Roon DSP or volume leveling, then it matters.)


Thanks and good to know !