Can Sonos access music libraries on a Roon Rock set-up directly?

That’s pretty much the question.
I’m suddenly having issue with Sonos accessing my music library which is on a USB drive attached to a Naim Uniti Star streamer (acting as a UpNp server). It’s been fine for ages, but now Sonos can no longer connect to the folders on the drive.

It’s under investigation with both Naim and Sonos though they seem to have reached the point of both being stuck. I think each thinks it’s a problem with the other, typically. (interestingly, I can access the files through Roon and then play them on Sonos that way - but the wife does not want to use Roon - she just wants to use the Sonos app).

Anyway, as my Roon Core just runs on my iMac, I was wondering whether this could be the catalyst to setting up a Roon Rock server and attaching the Music library drive to that instead of the UnitiStar.

Should Sonos then be able to access the files directly in that config?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes it can.

My Roon music library is on a NUC (8 GM RAM) dedicated as a Rock server and the Sonos library is on a Qnap NAS. This afternoon I’ve added and played music from the NUC to the Sonos library (after deleting the NAS library from the Sonos app settings) and have had no problems.

To test the setup I played music from 3 end points in the Roon app as well music from the Sonos app.


@Brendan_Conlon Thank you Brendan! :slight_smile:

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