Can streamer and BDP share same Ethernet cable to router?

My apologies if this is a silly question (computers aren’t my forte) or is in the wrong place.

Currently my music streamer, a Salkstream III (Roon Core and music files reside on this) is linked to my home network via Ethernet cable to a router in another location in the house. I also have an Oppo BDP 103, currently linked to the home network via WiFi.

I would like to link the Oppo by Ethernet as well, but running another Ethernet cable would be difficult. Is there a simple way the Oppo and Salkstream can share the single Ethernet cable? If so, what exactly would I need? Of course whatever solution would need to play nice with Roon and my equipment.

Any advice/help setting this up, if possible, is greatly appreciated.

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If the Oppo is near the Salk. Get a small 5 port gigabyte switch like this one:

Take the cable going to the Salk plug it into the switch. Then attached cables from the Salk and the Oppo to the same switch.

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As Rugby indicated, use a switch. My Oppo UDP-203 is on a switch with multiple devices. Works fine.


Yes, the streamer sits on top of the Oppo.

Is the switch just plug and play, or is there setup involved? Does it need an external power source (ie do I need an available power outlet for it?) or does it get its power from the Ethernet connection?


Edit: Oops! Reading the description it looks like I’ll need an available power outlet (I’m running out…maybe need to edit my equipment rack…lol).

If you buy an unmanaged switch then there is no setup, most ‘cheap’ switches are unmanaged.


It appears the one linked above is “unmanaged”

I do have another question though. My Netgear router is an older one so does not offer gigabit speeds. I assume a gigabit switch would be backwards compatible?

Yes, it is backwards compatible and auto senses the devices connect speed. You would see this as listed on the product spec as follows:

" 5 auto-sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet ports "

Sweet! :smiley:


Ordered the recommended switch and a couple cables.

Thanks for the help. :smiley:

The switch and cables arrived and it’s working great.

Thank y’all for the help. :smiley: