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Can only access material in library. Seems to be a recurring connection problem. Trying to determine if it’s the same network issues that happen on a regular basis or if it’s specific to me.

Hey @kerry_harvey thanks so much for letting us know about the issue you’re experiencing, I’m sorry that you’re not able to see anything outside of your library!

I wonder if there is a setting preventing you from accessing anything outside of your library. To check this, you’ll want to search for an artist in the Search Bar. You’ll then want to check that the “Library” feature is not enabled, I’ve attached some screenshots below to help visualize what I mean.

When searching for an artist, you’ll want to make sure that the library feature is turned off so that it does not limit the search to just your library:

When you would like to search only your library, you’ll want this feature to be enabled, as seen below. This also means that you will not receive search results that are not listed in your library:

Please let me know if the same issue is occurring and we can continue the conversation! Thanks!

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