Can’t access anything outside of library

Roon nucleus latest build
Linksys network
Simaudio 390 streamer
Tidal and Qobuz

Been running since July with no issue until now. At first, couldn’t load discography or other information. Restarted everything multiple times. Now can only load what’s in my library. I’m logged in to tidal and Qobuz and everything works using the simaudio app so it’s a roon problem.
Please help

Please would you try again now?

I did. Same problem

Thanks. We’ll have to wait for @support here. But have you tried re-starting the Nucleus?

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Hey @kerry_harvey,

I’m so sorry about the trouble you’ve ran into…:pleading_face:

@joel’s suggestion is a brilliant first step. Could you please:

  • stop RoonServer in the Nucleus Web UI
  • turn off the Nucleus
  • unplug it for a few minutes
  • plug the Nucleus back in
  • turn it on

Is there any change?

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