Can’t access Arc downloads offline

I was on my way home last night on the underground and pulled out my phone to listen to some of my pre downloaded music and found I couldn’t play or see any of the tracks. The moment I was above ground again and had an internet connection I could play them but seems a bit strange as the whole point of downloading is for when you don’t have internet.

Just to confirm these are files I own and I only needed the initial connection and then everything worked great. I did a screen capture just to record what I was seeing to illustrate the issue better so will link the video below.

Hi Chris I think that you need to be in offline mode.
I had a similar problem yesterday and managed to get into offline mode and all worked well after that.

You will find the option at the top of settings. Try setting it next time and see how it goes

Had this a number of times even in offline mode and it’s always after an app update. it needs to phone home to get a sync then they will become available. It’s annoying as hell if you can’t get internet no idea why it’s doing this offline should mean offline in all circumstances but it seems not for ARC.