Can’t access Intel NUC with Roon Rock

Hi, just did an update to my Unify Switch.

I had to adopt the switch to my current network because I could not access my Unify Cloud Key ( still plugged into switch) anymore. So no new hardware, no new network or wifi.

My NUC is still plugged into the same port but Roon on my IPad can’t find the NUC.

How can I access the NUC via IPad?

Any other solution?

Big thanks in advance!

Is it possible that with the new update the router had to reboot?
It may have flushed any dynamic lease (IP address) and assigned new.
Not uncommon at all.
I recommend logging into your Unify and verify the IP address.
You may need to let the iPad know of the change.

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Hey @joepvanos thanks for reaching out to us about this! @MamaTried made a great point!

I wanted to check in and see if you were able to get the iPad to recognize the NUC device? Please let us know if you’re in need of any further assistance, I’d be happy to help!


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