Can’t add an image to the album art unlike before

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Can’t add an image to the album art unlike before …

Hi @Evan_Chua,

Is it just this one album affected or are all albums affected by this?
Can you try to reboot your Mac and see if this helps?

Are you running the latest Roon build (build 610)?
You can check build number in Roon Settings -> About.

Thanks @noris. I did check my Roon version & it is 1.7 (build 610).
It happened to all the recent albums that i was trying to add. But not affecting my past uploads. I’ll try to reboot my MacBook Air later. Thanks for responding. Have a nice day!

Still won’t work after restarting my MacBook, any ideas? Thanks.

Hi @Evan_Chua,

Where are you adding these album images from, is it from the same hard drive that the music is stored on? Are you able to open the image files properly in MacOS Finder?

That’s strange, can you please clarify this aspect?
Did this behavior start on a specific day?

Yes, it’s strange. But i found ways to solve the problem. Instead of using my ipad to take the photos of the cover album, i used my iphone to take it, & placed the photos on different folders. Then Roon was able to upload that photo to my cover album. Sometimes i even have to screen shot it on my imac & crop it, then Roon will also upload that photo. I really don’t know what causes this problem, but anyways, at least i find ways to solve it somehow. Thanks @noris.

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Hi @Evan_Chua,

Are you saying that the issue was only occurring on your iPad but not your iPhone? Did you try to re-install the iPad Roon app? In any case, thanks for letting me know that the iPhone was able to change your album art!

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