Can’t added tracks to a Tidal playlist

In Tidal, I have 3 playlists and can add songs etc. to those playlists.

In Roon’s version of Tidal those playlists don’t appear

I believe they used to appear but now don’t seem to.


Hi Peter,

Do you have Shared Playlists selected in the Playlist Browser?

Cheers, Greg

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Yes that’s selected.
When I chose the main menu and select playlists, I do see the tidal playlists.
But, when I chose a tidal track to add to a tidal playlist, the playlist list is empty.

Are you are trying to add tracks to a Tidal playlist in roon? If so, that’s not supported.
You can make a local copy of a Tidal playlist, so becoming a roon playlist, and add tracks to that.

Oh! I thought I’d done it before but apparently only via tidal itself. Thanks.

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