Can’t adjust DSP settings on Android

Unable to adjust dsp settings on Android… Anyone else have this issue?

Oneplus6t running latest android

I believe at the moment you can only turn DSP on or off via Android. No adjustment.

So too adjust, could you do this remotely via another device?

I use an Android phone - LG V30, 6" screen - which is as per Wayne’s comment. I can adjust DSP via my 8" Android tablet though. I think it’s to do with available screen size, which makes sense.

A little bump to see if this can go on the radar for future updates?

It’s frustrating as hell to have to get the laptop out if I want to adjust any DSP settings.

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You can’t adjust but you can save different profiles and load them from the phone.

Thanks Ged, I have multiple profiles all set up for various headphones and speakers etc but I like to endlessly tweak and perfect my settings so it would be ideal if I could change the settings through the app and not have to get the laptop out (I have kids so keeping expensive stuff out of harms way) and use the full blown windows app.

I might be grossly underestimating the effort involved in making this happen but it is just another menu surely??

+1 to be able to access all additional settings from Android or Apple smart phones’ remote apps - why should it not be made available, after all?

Screen size can’t seriously be the limiting factor, since we’re able to scroll things around everywhere else!

I’d imagine either a swipe from the right or touching an arrow to the right - can’t be that hard to implement!?

Roon have said they are doing a UI change to make mobile devices 1st class citizens. I doubt any change would be made before that arrives.
When is a different question all together :joy:

Guess I’ll have to wait then :joy:

It’s frustrating that there are all these apps available that have to usability you want that are not available within the roon app itself.

It’s a pc and tablet interface for config changes and phones for play kind of ethos at the moment.