Can’t connect to D2 with Spotify


I can’t choose my Lumin D2 as a playback device. Every time I try it says under Lumin choice “Playback Restricted. Is this because I use Spotify Free?

I have Spotify enabled in Lumin App.

While I’m here, why is the onboard Lumin D2 USB music server so limited in functions? I want to eliminate my Mac Mini ( currently using DLNA jriver server ) from audio chain and would just like to use a 1TB USB Flash drive.

Thanks in advance.


Please tell me the Lumin firmware version you’re running in Lumin app About of Lumin D2. If it’s not 14.4, please upgrade the firmware for Spotify Free to work.

For the flash drive, please plug it into Mac Mini, and install MinimServer Free edition on it. In Lumin app, choose the library as MinimServer.

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Thanks for reply. My current firmware version is 14.4.

As far as Minimserver, you are saying install on Mac Mini?

I retested Spotify Free account (using e-mail / password login) works on Lumin.

In Lumin app, please turn off Spotify Connect setting. Wait for no less than 60 seconds, then power cycle the Lumin.

Swipe away / force stop Spotify app. Update to latest Spotify app (if not already latest).

In Lumin app, turn on Spotify Connect setting again after the D2 is booted up.

Retry Spotify Connect to Lumin when you’re playing something (not advertisement).

Yes, please use MinimServer on a Mac / Windows / NAS for your music files, if you’re not using Roon.

Thanks, your instruction made Spotify work!


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Hi, Just an update.

Don’t know if anyone else has this issue. When I go from playing either my library or Tidal in Lumin App, if I then go into Spotify it says my Lumin D2 has restricted playback. I then do what Peter suggests above except I don’t bother turning Lumin D2 off and just turn Spotify off in Lumin App for 60secs then I can go and use Spotify.


Please try this: After you play using Lumin app, standby the Lumin D2 in Lumin app (without toggling Spotify Connect setting). See if Spotify plays.

What you reported is unexpected, I’ll investigate this but this will take some time.

Hi Peter, Thanks for the reply.

Here’s what I did.

I stopped playback of my library album after 30 mins.
Deleted playlist.
Went to my Spotify App on my iphone.
Chose a random jazz station, and could not select Lumin D2 as it said “Playback Restricted”

Even tried again just to go through the Lumin App and still payback restricted.

Once again went to Lumin D2 Options, put Spotify to “Off” waited 60 secs, and put it back on.

Spotify worked. Could see Lumin D2 as an option.

I am just reporting what happens to me. I can live with it.


I’ve tried reproducing your steps using a Spotify Free account with my X1 at home, but I never got the Playback Restricted issue.

I’ll need to test this with a D2 when I go to the office later this week or next week.

Meanwhile, please do this test for me. Using Lumin app to play local file / Tidal / radio, in Lumin app standby the D2 in Lumin app options for D2 - toggle the “Power” switch in the app. Go to Spotify app, play something, tap the speaker icon and see whether you can Spotify Connect to the D2.

I played music in local/Tidal/internet radio went to Options under Lumin D2 and toggled power off. Waited a bit and toggled back on. Fired up Spotify and tried to output to Liumin D2 and again it is Playback Restricted.

Here’s what I tried new, while still keeping Spotify playing on my phone, I went into Lumin App and toggled Spotify Connect off in options. waited 60 secs and toggled back on. Swiped back to Spotify which was still playing music and was able to choose Lumin D2 and then the output was to my stereo.


I checked a D2 with firmware 14.4, a Spotify Free account and the latest Spotify app on Android, but could not reproduce the symptom you reported.

Please make sure you update to the latest Spotify app.

Ok Thanks.