Can’t connect to Nucleus from my iPad

This happens frequently. Usually with repeated attempts entering my Nucleus address it will eventually connect but tonight it is not connecting. I have the latest build, etc.
Thank you!

Can you see your Nucleus via the GUI? What is the build of Roon OS?
Assuming you can see your Nucleus fine, Roon will want to know more details about your network setup (Router, switches, ethernet or wireless).

Hi Scott and thanks for responding! I went in to my Ubiquiti Mesh wireless system and allowed the “Bridge” mode to engage and this seems to have fixed the problem. What is the GUI?

It is the web administration interface for your Nucleus.

Glad you were able to fix the problem!

Thanks, Scott!

Hello @Michael_Messer, glad you got some help here! Please let us know if the issue returns.

Thank you, Nuwriy, will do!

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