Can’t enable Sonos speakers

Roon Core Machine

Mac book pro

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Virgin Superhub 3 300mbps and Eero mesh. Core machine Ethernet connection to Eero.

Connected Audio Devices

Arcam ST6p Streamer connected to Eero
Various Sonos items (Port / Beam / Play 3) on same network - all wireless

Number of Tracks in Library

12,000 track

To be clear, are they using the Eero mesh for Wi-Fi? And this has the same subnet as your Roon core?

To add to @Martin_Webster are your Eeros wired for the backhaul?

Also check out some of the other Sonos threads. A lot of issues lately with 15.2 update. Are you on 15.3 now?

Also, is the Virgin Superhub 3 doing the routing (DHCP) or the Eeros? If the Eeros I’d pop the SH3 into modem mode. You’ll benefit from more stable speeds.

Right, I don’t speak geek. I just want the system to work as it did 2 weeks ago. I have not amended anything about my network in that time, Roon has simply chosen to stop working as advertised.
In a bit more detail, I have the Eeros in Bridge mode (under advice from Eero as I needed this for my Sky TV set up) - there is only one network and the Sonos units are on this wirelessly; the core and main audio system roon endpoint are connected to Eero units via Ethernet on the same network. Until roon stopped communicating with Sonos it all worked well and the main audio system still does - high quality and no drop-outs.

Ok, in your Sonos app check for updates.

@Christopher_Gray, thanks for posting the additional information. This will assist those who are assisting you. If you have to open a #support thread again, please complete the template in full, and provide this kind of information. Thanks! :+1:

Furthermore, just so you’re aware, I’m a Roon user like you and a community moderator, and don’t represent Roon.

Thanks. Rather typically the problem resolved itself today after i had waited to seek help for two weeks. Don’t understand how it was resolved though.

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