Can’t find core again

Come April, it will be 1 year old.


Where did you buy the Nucleus?

If from a dealer then take it there. If from Roon, ask @support for an RMA.

One last question:
I installed this SanDisk as internal storage for my music library a few years ago. Am I just replacing this, or is there something under the motherboard? Thanks

No, not that disc, which I assume is holding your music. You want the M.2 that’s on your motherboard on the extreme right in your picture. The thing that’s being held in place by the miniscule screw.

It looks like this (not an M.2 recommendation, just an illustration)

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As you can tell, I’m a bit in the dark here!
Thanks for clarifying - I can’t tell you how appreciative I am.

You really shouldn’t have hijacked @Jonathan_Bremseth’s thread, but it doesn’t matter now.

Good luck. If you have problems, it’ll be less confusing if you start a new thread. :saluting_face:

How does one contact Roon Labs for warrant repairs?

This forum is the support portal.

I tagged support in my above post to you. They’ll be along when you bubble to the top of the queue.

Hi @Anthony_Shefferd,

I can help you with this and I can also confirm your Nucleus has been offline for several days now.

I am going to send you a private message with some details and close out our thread here.


I think, because @Anthony_Shefferd hijacked your thread with almost the same problem, the two issues got confused and the wrong person was sent a PM.

Be a little more patient, @support will straighten it out.

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Hi @Jonathan_Bremseth,

My apologies for the mixup. We had two of the same issue on a thread.

In looking at your account it’s been several days since we’ve seen your Nucleus online and given that the unit isn’t displaying anything via HDMI, we’re facing a hardware issue. I will send you a private message with the details on next steps.


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