Can’t find English version of Encanto soundtrack

Searching for Encanto brings up Japanese and Finnish versions of the soundtrack, not able to find English version. I can find it in the Qobuz app but not the Roon app.

Why is this my top result in Roon but not in Qobuz?



I found the version, it has a different cover, but the track names are in Finnish or something

Hey @Eric_Langley,

We’re working on getting this sorted out as I type this, actually. The problem stems from a problem in disambiguating the different language versions due to how metadata is handled by our metadata partners. The difficulty is that we don’t make surgical corrections to metadata, our fixes are applied on a system wide basis - so we need to find a solution that will work for all instances that require similar handling.

While we tackle this the best solution for our Qobuz customers is to favorite the version you’re looking for directly in Qobuz. After you do that it will sync in Roon.

If it doesn’t sync right away please go to Settings>Services>Qobuz>Edit>Sync library now.

We apologize for any inconvenience these extra steps may cause.