Can‘t find RopieeeXL in Spotify


I`m not able to connect to my RopieeeXL through Spotify Connect.

Just updated to the new version of Ropieee, and now the tabs for Airplay, Librespot etc. are gone.

Spotify Connect (librespot) worked fine before i updated. I`m now on version 2022.05.1 (0300)

You should have used the RoPieeeXL image, since the new version there are two distinct images for RoPieee and RoPieeeXL

I did reflash and install the correct image.


Here the very same release is showing everything …

That is weird, don`t have the tab at all. Guess i should try to reflash again?

Try to download the RoPieee XL image again and reflash it

Will try that, thanks!