Can’t find the Stranger Things soundtrack

When I search for ”Stranger things”, there’s not a single result that has anything to do with the Stranger Things soundtrack. Just a bunch of weird albums show up.

Tried ”Stranger things soundtrack”. Same result. So weird!!

It shows up at the top in the Tidal app, of course.

Tried this on the Room iPhone app and on Windows 10. Running the core on the Windows 10 machine.

I saw a number of posts about similar issues. Haven’t seen any real answer from Roon on this.

I’ve built a couple of music apps, including battling the challenge of giving good recommendations be it via search or similar music. I know there are a number of ways to get good search results. Roon is so far the worst search I’ve seen in the better part of a decade for music. There’s no excuse, not in this day and age.

What gives? Am I totally missing something here?

@Peter_Blom Hi Peter, it’s not ideal and we are actively working on improving our search, but try “Stranger Things Netflix Soundtrack” as your search terms.

Turned up on mine first time. Odd

Are those albums already in your library @Simon_Arnold3?

Not sure dont remember adding them, but then my mind is old and bent these days so possibly. In general though I find hunting for soundtracks quite difficult especially via Tidal.

Hey @joel, thanks for getting back so promptly.

I tried “Stranger things soundtrack”, which didn’t yield any results.

I added the album to my Tidal library yesterday, and when searching today (desktop mac os x) I got a search suggestion for it when typing in “stranger things”. I suppose that’s due to it being in my Library.