Can’t get Roon to work with powered computer speakers [Solved]

So normally I play Roon through my Mytek dac. I am visiting my girlfriend in Denver, and bought a pair of powered speakers to plug into my computer headphone jack. I cannot get Roon to work. When I go into audio set up, there are two options, not including the Mytek, “system output” and “Conexant SmartAudio HD.” I enabled both. Roon would not work in either with the default settings. I am guessing that system output is the correct one. Under general, for volume control it is set to wasapi mixer. Resynch delay is on. External volume control is none. There are no external source controls.

Can someone tell me how to set it up correctly.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.

Do the speakers play the system sounds? Does media player play to the speakers?
Are you selecting the system output as the zone? Is the volume on the external speakers turned up? Is there a source select on the external speakers?

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Groan. It was # 3. Thanks.


Good to hear, lol, pun intended. Happy Thanksgiving!! :poultry_leg: