Can’t load discography [Fixed]

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Simaudio 390

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Description of Issue

Everything working fine, then can’t load discography or search for new music. Second time it’s happened. I’ve rebooted. No help.


Same issue for me. Getting timeouts

Second time it’s happened

Same here: discographies won’t load, nor artists that I haven’t viewed before. Search pop-up box also stays empty while entering a query.

Yep if on my playlist all good. If not won’t load.

Also happening for me

Seems like issue on Roon server

I’m experiencing the same issue. Nothing is working outside of the queue


Experiencing the same issue that other’s are having. Albums are just not loading from either Qobuz or Tidal. Also getting the below error message with a 200MB download speed.

Thanks, PhilCapture

Same here…

Yes me too - Qobuz app loads everything fine, Roon app just spins…

Problem started for me out of the blue about an hour ago. How about you?

Same Problem. In the Desktop App and in the Remote/iPad App :frowning:

same problem here

All the Valence stuff is down for me right now, just a wobbly waveform icon

Agreed. Streaming integration appears to be seriously compromised. Can’t access artists, can’t use Qobuz app to add favourites and then sync. Not very good at all.

I’m getting what is, I think, the same problem it’s been happening for a few days but appears to be getting worse. I’m wondering if this is related to the Quobuz issues with missing albums and meta-data?

It’s gonna be an old school night: listening to the music that is already in my library. Not that bad, after all…


Same here. Nothing is loading.

Much the same here