Can’t load discography or songs outside of library

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I can’t load discography or search for and play songs outside of my library. This is happening more and more often

I am having the same problem. I am guessing it is Roons’s servers that are the problem. Yes, it is happening more and more often.

The more often this happens the more Roon’s value continues to decrease.

was coming to look for this same thing. all discography blank. couldn’t even do basic searches for artists today.

Roon’s search sucks at best normally. Now it’s just useless.

Some artist have overviews but dont show discography. Some show discs but not overviews. The thing is somewhat locked up and I cant listen to albums.

Hey Roon Labs…I’ve had you for 4 years. Can you come to some sort of a “stable” release? Sort of getting tired of the software not working

I’ll piggyback on this thread. Same issues here.

I should also note that signing out of qobuz, then signing out of roon, then rebooting my core and resigning in fixes things, but only temporarily.

Hey @kerry_harvey,

We’re so sorry you’ve ran into this issue and that we didn’t get a chance to reply until today — please, accept my apologies :pleading_face:

I wonder, since it’s been a little over two weeks since your initial post, has the behavior stayed the same? Has anything changed?