Can’t login to Tidal account

I have an iPad for Roon remote. I can login directly to with my Tidal account no problem. But when I try to login through Roon to configure Tidal as a service I continually get bad username/password. I have windows 10 for my core. I have Aries G2 for network streamer. I tried reinstalling Tidal and Roon on my iPad, but it didn’t help. Please suggest? Thanks,

Thanks for reaching out, @Dan_Christians,

Often times power cycling your Core machine will resolve this type of login issue — Can you give this a try?

If that doesn’t yield any changes, please see the following:

  • Close Roon, find your Roon database and delete the tidal_account file (Database > Registry > Core > tidal_account). Once you do this try to login again.
  • Check that your account is still active, as suggested here. In the past we have seen that you may be able to login to the TIDAL account in the TIDAL app, but the subscription itself may not be active therefore cannot connect to Roon.


Thanks! I power cycled my Core machine (Windows 10 pro) and that
resolved my login issue with Tidal. Much appreciated.


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