Can’t play Hi-Resolution File on PS Audio Bridge II


I have a problem.
Hi-Resolution(24/48-196, DSF) File is interrupted on PS Audio Bridge II.

  1. System
  • Switching Hub: HP PS 1810-8g
  • Network player: PS Audio Bridge II(DS-Dac)
  • Computers: Samsung notebook, MacBook Pro
  • NAS
  1. Phenomenons
  • Computer USB output is no problem
  • Problem is caused on the PS Audio Bridge II.
    However, Jriver, BubleUPnP are good.
  1. Cause Analysis
  • The problem is caused when the switching hub (HP PS 1810-8g) is connected the PS Audio Bridge II.
    However, Inspection results from the Hub Service Center hub is not bad.

  • Other model don’t have a problem (HP 1820-8g).

  1. Conclusion
  • The cause of the problem is the conflict between the roon and HP PS 1810-8g on the PS Audio Bridge II.

  • Here is a similar case.

    Is there a other solution than replacing the hub?

    Thank you.

Unfortunately the HP-1810-8g is incompatible with Roon when playing hi-res files.
I can confirm that the problem is not an incompatibility with the PS Audio Bridge II, as it is present with every DAC connected via USB that i have tested (I’m an audio journalist and I have many different DACs to try).
I have spent many months investigating that issue and contacted HP, whose answer is:

Risoluzione dei problemi: Not an hardware issue. There is a performance issue, customer should choose a different model, one that suits his necessities better.
Descrizione prodotto: HP PS1810-8G Switch
Codice prodotto: J9833A
Numero di serie: CN63G4L0DG

They say that I need a different model with a better throughput but I think that it is not true. Now I’m using an older HP ProCurve 1810G - 8 GE whose throughput is exactly the same of the HP PS1810-8G and it works perfectly.

Best regards,

“It’s difficult to use in the current roon status.”
Thank you for your comments.