Can’t play SACD through roon

Hey guys

I want to play this album from Tidal (Norah Jones - not too late) but I just get a bit of white noise and with Norah playing really really week in the background…
But if i don’t use roon and instead play directly from Lumin A1 it plays fine

What can be wrong?


Can you post a screen shot of Roon’s signal path.

I think it is a DTS file.

When I searched for this album on Tidal I found an MQA version which plays fine and a CD Quality version ( 44.1 kHz 16 bit ) which also plays fine.

I did not see any versions that were 176.4 kHz 24 bit like the track in your Signal Path which made sense to me since as far as I know the only resolution above CD Quailty ( 44.1 kHz 16 bit ) that Tidal supports is MQA. Since it appears you were playing a track from your local library and not from Tidal or Qobuz it would be helpful to know where you got it and what its native format is.

Based on a quick look at the A1’s specs it should have no problem playing a 176.4 kHz 24 bit PCM file which would seem to be confirmed by the fact that Roon is sending the file directly to your A1 and not down sampling it.

If @Roony is correct and and the actual format of the track is DTS then based on the A1’s specs that could be the problem since the A1 does not appear to support DTS.


Although you said you’re playing from Tidal, I don’t think this is the case because Tidal does not have SACD (stated in the subject), and Tidal does not have non-MQA Hi-Res (shown in the signal path) either.

Please confirm that when you use Lumin app to play the same album locally (not Tidal), you see DSD in the codec in Lumin app and/or front panel.

If that’s the case, you’re playing a DoP file. Roon supports DoP as an output format but does not support DoP file. (Lumin app supports playback of DoP file as well.) There’s a way to convert DoP file to DSF file such that Roon can play it, but let’s confirm that’s what you’re experiencing first.

I found the problem now…

I was playing the sacd file from my NAS and the file Is corrupted and therefore it shows a straight line down in the “play bar” just as it does when playing from tidal and not the “frequency response” as it does when playing from my NAS. that’s why I assumed it was a tidal file.

I guess lumin was playing the 44,1khz file from tidal and roon was trying to play the corrupted sacd.

I now also discovered that there is a “version” button so that I can see all the versions (MQA, 16 bit, 24 bit, sacd) in roon… very nice feature :slight_smile:

Please retest playback of this seemingly corrupted file using Lumin app.

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