Can’t play tracks from tidal through roon

I’m frustrated…it never fails,…I always have problems with any tech stuff. Just to forward you I am not good with tech terms so please,if you want to help try to do so like your trying to tell your grandma how to work thru this.

I bought a nucleus plus a couple days ago. Hooked into my Mac c52 preamp via USB ports. The preamp is on the usb input setting.

I then put the roon remote app on my iPad. It does recognize the preamp. Then I signed up for tidal.

I can play live radio thru roon/tidal from my iPad remote to my stereo but anytime I try to play a track off my roon/tidal iPad remote to my stereo I get a “Track unavailable… Too many errors”

Can anyone please help me!!!

My persistence paid off. I’m all set now

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Welcome to the Community Forum @Michael_Boxler! Sounds like you are a lot better than you give yourself credit for.
Roon is a handful when one is starting out. We are all here to help you get going.

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