Can´t see DSP files. How to find them

Hi all,

bought a NUC i5 this morning and after 1-hour ROON ROCK is running – an I am not a computer freak. So, everything is fine.

Everything? There is still one problem:
I cannot load my DSP files because I canot see it in ROON. I store my music on an external HD, connected to the NUCK and copied the DSP files also to the HD (singe files and together as a ZIP-file). But ROON does not show them.

Have a look at my screenshot. On the left: Windows Explorer of the HD – on the right: ROON

Any idea, how to find them or were to store them?

Thanks for any help!

One thing to add: what you see on the right is the “old” music stored on my old PC but not the “new” HD


You don’t have to copy the correction filters to the ROCK NUC manually. Just put them on a disk local to the remote and browse to them there. Roon will automatically upload the filters to the correct location on ROCK.

Hi Rene,
thank you for your quick answer!

I think, I made a logical error: thought, that the files have to be stored all the time as a source (like the music) to be used in ROON. But it is enough, to upload the once via my old PC and now I can use the DSP function, even when the PC is switched off ann ROCK is running.

P.S. Sorry for my awfull english!!

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And to make it easier - especially if you plan to try different filters or use a tablet - save the DSP settings in the DSP engine, and you can restore that filter at a later date.

If you clear the convolution filter you’ll have to go back to disk to load it again even though it’s already ‘in Roon’.