Can’t Stream with ARC

Roon Core Machine-


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Fios Quantum Router
WAPs thoughout home wired to main router
For ARC:
iPhone 12 Pro
ApplePlay connecting to BMW i4 either via BT or wired

Connected Audio Devices

For home I have Meridian network devices

Number of Tracks in Library

About 10,000 tracks

Description of Issue

ARC is properly connected to the Nucleus+ as I see the blue check and the port number
I can see ARC in CarPlay when in my car
I can play anything without problem that I have downloaded
I have not been able to stream anything. I get poor connection errors or the loading symbol/text stays on screen.
I have tried all the different streaming settings in ARC and still no luck

Hi. is there anyone there from ROON support?

Could it be that there is some problem with port forwarding that is preventing streaming from my Nucleus + server to ARC via CarPlay? I thought if there is a blue check in the ARC set up panel that means it is all set up but maybe not?

Hi @Jack_D,

Thank you for your patience as we worked through the queue to investigate your report. We have a few questions to illuminate some networking details that should expedite our ability to resolve this issue:

  1. Is your Nucleus+ hardwired to the router or an access point? According to ARC diagnostics, the app can reach your Core but then receives time-outs immediately. If you’re receiving poor connection errors with streaming content on the road - even with solid 5G coverage - then we’ll want to investigate the upstream connection on the network.

  2. For due diligence, are you having any difficulty with streaming content (Tidal/Qobuz) in Roon Remote on your home network? Are you having any difficulty connecting with your remotes, or playing to any endpoints?

  3. Please refresh the port test in Roon → Settings → ARC several times to see if it gives a failure diagnostic. If so, please share a screenshot here.

  4. Roon logs from your Core show network dropouts and request failures to Roon’s servers, further suggesting the issue might be a Core/local network snag. Do you have any VPNs or other network security engaged, or multiple subnets?

We’ll follow up promptly once we receive your reply, and do our best to restore reliable playback in ARC as soon as possible.

Hi @Jack_D,

My apologies for the double post, but one additional suggestion:

There are UPnP errors suggesting Roon is having difficulty getting a port map through that protocol from the router. I’d verify the router firmware is up-to-date.


Thanks for getting back to me.

  1. My Nuclues+ is hardwired to a switch which is hardwired to my router.

  2. I have no problems streaming Tidal via the Roon app on my home network.

  3. Not sure what you mean by the “port test” but from ROON/Settings/ARC I reset the port several times and no problem. Let me know if I should try something else in this regard.

  4. I do not have multiple subnets but there might be something there. My wife might have set up a Norton VPN on her PC which is on the same LAN as the Nucleus+. I am the only one trying to use ARC from my car and I do not have any VPNs set on my devices. My wife is out of town at the moment but I have a question in to her about what exactly she did with VPN. I could access my router’s logs but, in the past I have not had much luck interpreting the entries there.

I was wondering if somehow the port forwarding is not set up correctly. I went into my Fios router and did not see any obvious port forwarding rule for ROON but I am assuming that the blue checkmark in the ROON settings ARC page indicates that it should not be the problem.

PS. I just did a hard reboot on the router as I understand that is the only way to update the firmware on FIOS Quantum routers. After that I tested ARC sitting in my car in the garage. Still no luck. Loading……….for ever.

What happened to ROON support on this thread?

Hi @Jack_D,

Diagnostic reports from ARC again confirm repeating failures to reach the Core despite properly autoconfigured port forwarding via UPnP. In some cases, a device is refusing the connection. Having reviewed this thread, we’re suspicious that either the VPN you mentioned or the network switch is filtering the Roon Core’s connection. These errors aren’t limited to ARC - going back several weeks, the Nucleus+ struggles to reach Roon’s own servers in logs.

Is this a managed switch? If so, what model? I recommend testing with Norton VPN disabled on your network if possible, just to be sure.

Additionally, try taking these two steps to refresh conditions across your account:

    • Stop Roon Server from running in the Web UI
  • Find and open your RoonServer database
  • Navigate to RoonServer/Cache
  • Move the contents of the /Cache folder elsewhere, like your desktop
  • Try restarting Roon Server via the WebUI and verify if the issue still occurs
  1. Fully uninstall and reinstall ARC on the iPhone.

We’ll be watching for your response.

I will fiddle with the instructions to refresh and report back but in the meantime:

Re Switch: It is a managed switch. Cisco SG 300-10 gigabit switch.
The path within my LAN from the Nucleus+ to the FIOS quantum router goes through the SG 300 and then to the switch I have attached to the FIOS quantum router which is a Cisco SG 200 (also managed and gigabit) switch.

My wife has Norton VPN on her ipad and laptop. Could that really affect the path from the Nucleus+ to the FIOS router?

Hi @Jack_D,

Following up here after an inexcusable delay - please accept our apologies.

Recent diagnostics from your Nucleus+ show network errors unrelated to ARC - specifically, routine requests to Roon’s servers are failing with errors that suggest network security is interfering with the Nucleus+. Attempts to load the device database, request the time, load Tidal playlists, etc. - all of these processes are failing or timing out at some point in the log set.

To confirm, your network path for the Nucleus+ resembles the diagram below?

Nucleus+ → SG 300 Switch → SG 200 Switch → FIOS router → Internet

If possible, see if performance improves if you’ve wired the Nucleus+ directly to the main router or if you place any of the switches in passthrough mode. It’s also worth investigating if either of the switches is imposing some security/filtering in addition to your FIOS router’s main firewall.

If you are using these devices are endpoints or Roon Remotes, then it will interfere with Roon. However, if your wife hasn’t installed Roon and you are not using her iPad/Laptop as Zones, then it won’t matter here.

Thank you for your extreme patience here.

OK. At some hassle I relocated the Nucleus+ so that it is now directly connected to the Verizon quantum router. Grateful if you ran your diagnostics now to see if there is any improvement. I checked within ROON remote and see that ROON ARC is shown as successfully configured for port forwarding.

I do not have any security set up on the managed switches but who know? Maybe it will work.

I had given up on ROON ARC. Hopefully this will allow me to use it.

PS. So I am in my home and I pulled up ROON ARC on my phone. My phone is connected via my WLAN. The message is: Poor Connection Try again…… I disabled wireless on my phone and I get the same message from ROON Arc. I have 3 bars on a 5G cell connection.

So what is up with that?

There were cases in the past where resetting the ARC app from its settings screen helped with random “poor connection” messages that even occur when on the wifi

Hey. Thanks for that tip Suedkiez. It worked. Now will have to try next time I am in my car if I can get Arc to work via car play.

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So since I moved the Nucleus+ to connect directly to the router I tried to access ARC via car play and I had the same experience as previously. Waiting for an album to load and then nothing. No artwork comes through in the main menu.

From within ROON remote it shows that port forwarding has been set. When I go to the port forwarding page on the router I do not see anything that looks like ROON is being forwarded. I am not entirely sure how to set it manually.

Grateful for suggestions on how to get ARC to work.

If the Roon remote says that it has, then it’s probably true. By default it tries to set up the port forwarding automatically (using the UPnP or NAT-PMP services on the router), so if your router has these services enabled (many do by default), then that part may just work automatically.

Does ARC work on your phone when you are on the mobile network?

ARC works when connected within my LAN but does not work when connected to cell network.

OK so that’s unrelated to carplay and plain and simple does not work. (In the LAN does not count). And downloaded files still play, I assume?

This is so weird and I guess I leave this to the pros at Roon who can see your logs. Good luck! :slight_smile: