Can’t view zones from my meridian MC 600 in Roon [Answered]

Hello. I have just installed ROCK on a a NUC exactly as indicated in roon’s support page. The room server is up and running and web interface shows everything is ok.

The problem is I cannot see the zones of my Meridian MC600. Before installing on a NUC I tried Roon on my PC and all zones appeared there. Now that I switched to NUC seems I cannot see these zones.

I have rebooted all devices already multiple times and they are all hardwired in the same switch. Anyone knows what could be wrong? It has worked so nicely on my windows PC but there is a problem on the NUC.

Do you have a Sooloos system elsewhere on your network?

No. That’s the only system in my network.

Just to be clear, you’re not seeing these zones on the Audio tab of Settings, right?

When switching Cores, you’ll need to re-enable the Meridian zones there.

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Great thanks! This worked. I can see the zones of Meridian just fine now. Many thanks for your support!

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