Can`t you get Roon working [Resolved]


Lately I have had a lot of trouble getting Roon working. Since an upgrade a week ago. At the same time the Airport Extreme Wifi stopped working, now running an Asus RT-88.

Question: Do I have to set up port forward? I worked the other day with no port forward set up.

I have restartet and uninstalled/reinstalled several times.

Main Core:
Mac Pro 5.1
MacOS 10.13.2

Second core (one lisence):
Qnap TVS-471
latest firrmware

Here is what happend starting fresh:

I see the core (madmacx):

PS! From the Iphone I only the other core, Not able to connect to Core 1 (madmacx) from there. From Macbook (remote) only see Core 1. From Macbook not able to switch to Core 2.

I am able to connect to Core 1 madmacx and set up Music Folder. Logging into Tidal says wrong user/pass. 100% sure I have the correct one. Also tested pass on

Passing on Tidal login, then it stops on this picture:

Any ideas?



I too have a Qnap NAS together with a Mac but don’t have any connecting issues. On the NAS I keep all music files and the Roon server is running. On the Mac (MBP) I have the Roon software running that connects to the Roon server on the NAS. Same with the iPad app. Works flawless. I guess your problems are within your computer set-up.

As the doctor said: “90% of the ilnesses are passing by itself, and the 10% we can`t cure…”

I uninstalled everything, restarted everything, removed any port forrdwarding, and started all over again. Now it is working.

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