Can the Nucleus be used for something else?

If Roon went bust or I decided I no longer want to use Roon, can I still use the Nucleus for something else?

Yes, it’s just a NUC in a fancy case. Don’t know about the bios, but it can probably be flashed.

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Thx. I thought that might be the case.

But the BIOS is key here. If certain BIOS options are absent (I don’t know) it may present a difficulty to be flashed or installation of other OS such as Windows.

Thanks. I just dont want to be stuck with a good looking door stop if I decide to leave Roon or Roon decides to leave me.

You can’t leave. Looking at your picture, Roon will be around long after you’re gone. Just joking, I hope.

Ouch. I guess I should have done a full body profile shot. Lol.

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BTW that was after hiking MT Royal in Montréal in 90+ heat.

My son lives in Denver and has done a bunch of 14ers, or whatever they call them. I walk my dog around the block.

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