Can These Settings Be Improved On?

This is a screen shot of the interface from my Lumin D2. I want to get the best SQ I possibly can from this device and was wondering if I were to change any of these settings, I’d get an improvement in sound quality. I especially enjoy listening to MQA recordings.

Before someone suggests it, I know I can try playing around with these settings, but I’d like to know what would (theoretically) be the optimum adjustments.

When using Roon, please turn off Lumin built-in Re-sampling.

If you don’t use the SPDIF output, turn off the digital audio output.

If you don’t use Spotify and AirPlay, please disable Spotify Connect and Lumin Streaming respectively.

If you don’t have to read the front panel, turn it off as well.

You may also try"Decoder + Renderer" setting vs “Renderer Only” setting in Roon to see which gives better SQ from MQA.


Thanks for your reply, Peter.

Can you please explain to me how to turn off the built-in resampling?
I’m also not sure if I am using the SPDIF output, or even what it is for that matter. :flushed:

Also, how can I switch off the digital audio output to see if that option improves things for me.

Thanks again for all you help!

In Lumin app settings for Lumin D2:

Please set both of these to Off:

(Please ignore the highlight in the picture)

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Thanks so much Peter! :+1: