Can two Roon cores play the same playlist simultaneously?

Here’s maybe a wacky question. I have a mix of BluOS and Sonos in my house (dumb hardware decision by me). I’ve read all the blogs that explain or confirm that you can’t group Sonos and Bluesound together. A solution is for me to go all Sonos or all Bluesound. Is another solution (software) possible where I have two Roon licenses and cores – one for Sonos, one for Bluesound. In that scenario, can I play one track or playlist simultaneously to the hybrid mix of devices?

Appreciate any answers or the hard truth that I have to go homogeneous with hardware.

Thanks, and happy holidays!


Short answer no, sorry.

Go Bluesound as it’s Roon Ready and High Res/MQA capable and just sounds better in my experience. It does cost more but in two years time you will have forgotten that.

Just so the situation is clear, you can operate BluOS and Sonos devices simultaneously with ONE Roon core. You just cannot group them in the same zone. Two cores could play the same Playlist, as could two groups of zones on a single core (but neither would be synched perfectly). But two cores or two zones cannot play from the same Queue exactly.

How is paying for an extra Roon core license cheaper than ditching either Bluesound or Sonos and replacing it with whatever you need to unify your hardware? It is the simpler solution in the long run with only one system to have issues with instead of two.