Can USB output be grouped with network endpoints?

If my main output is to a DAC over USB, can I group it with an endpoint that’s networked?

I know there have been limitations on grouping different endpoints which use different protocols, like AirPlay and non-AirPlay endpoints. But since it looks like I’m using RAAT to play over USB, it seems like it should work to group that with RAAT play over the network to a Roon Ready device, right?

I’m thinking of adding a Roon Ready device to an adjacent room, and want to play the two rooms synchronized. I’m thinking of adding a Pi/Pi-DAC+, because that seems to be currently the least expensive Roon Ready network player.

Hi Chreliot,

Yes, you can group a USB DAC with a RoonReady or RoonBridge device, see:

The determining factor is the streaming protocol (in this case it is all RAAT).

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Link not working?

Thanks, edited in KB page.