Can we control rock with a Windows pc?

can we control remote rock (that will be on a NUC of course) with a Windows pc, or is that only possible with tablets and smartphones?

If yes, which roon software should be downloaded to the pc?

if it is the windows roon software, which runs remote + core + player, will the functionality core interfere with rock?


Yes, it can be accessed from any device with a web browsers. Just fill in the ip-adres in the adress bar and that’s it. Within the roon app the ROCK “control” is nothing more than a weblink.

No, the core server of the windows app is not running if you don’t choose it as the core but chose the Rock server instead. It will not interfere.

Yes, just install The full Roon download on the PC and when it prompts select ROCK as the Roon core.

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I used a Sony Windows 10 tablet quite happily for a few years

Yes I use my windows laptop all the time to control Roon and manage the bits you can with ROCK. That’s the whole point of Roons system.

thanks a lot everyone!
then I will try it :wink: