Can we estimate the CPU/RAM needs based Library size

Reading through the various posts in this forum on Intel NUCs etc I have not yet been able to ‘distill’ the magic formula between CPU and RAM needs given a library size.

Is there any formal guidance on this.
I read that a library with >12000 albums needs a i7 with 8GB of RAM. Does this scale if you have a library of 120K albums or 330K tracks?

Btw my current library size without the mediafiles is 46GB

I welcome your thoughts and ideas on this


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yes, am curious about this, currently have around 18k albums and Roon is resource heavy using my I7, 8gb ram X360 lappy. Am looking to add 1000’s more via Qobuz in the next weeks.

The formal guidance is here in the help, but not as detailed as you may have hoped:


I have read this article as well indeed no guidance whatsoever on my question above 100K albums for instance

So looking forward for more answers

Yes, I figured :slight_smile: I suppose you will need someone who has tried …

i9, 64 gb ram desktop server, windows

With specs like that please tell me you not using the integrated graphics. :rofl: