Can we talk about the whole Overview/Discography thing?

Creating separate Overview and Discography tabs isn’t functionality. It’s a design decision that has created a view problem where one didn’t exist.

I don’t agree that its a problem but that’s the beauty of life. To each their own…

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If I understand you well (?), do believe it is possible, in 2 steps:

In Discography, click Focus - select Source

select Qobuz

Then click on the Library icon, resulting in 5 Qobuz albums in My Library

Is this what you want?

No like many of us he wants to see only albums that are not in your library from the discograpy. You can’t do this as there is no way to filter for it. In old Roon if you searched an artist and went to its page it gave you your albums then ones in streaming you don’t have underneath. You now have no way to divide them or see them. You see all of Qobuz , all that’s local or all in your library but not all in Qobuz not in library.


While you can’t filter for it – and that would be nice if you could – if you have the Qobuz, Tidal and In Your Library badges turned on in settings, you clearly see what albums in the discography that are in Qobuzz that are not in your library based on the badges.

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Roon ?

Can you please merge overview and discography.

I see the biography in the overview. Is it not more logical if we can see all the albums of an artist after biography. Is it not better all together.
That means less clicks .
ANyway albums in my library which is shown in the overview section and the recommended albums are already in the discography …
IMHO merging it altogether with some design tweaks would be great and more easieer

Maybe the genre buttons can also be removed from the artist page since they will already be in the focus section
Also you may gray out the albums in a discography that are not in our library or put a little discriminating mark on them

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No, in Boolean speak it’s “Qobuz NOT Library” that you can no longer see. In 1.7 it was a natural consequence because adding a Qobuz album to your library moved it neatly into the library row, whilst the remaining Qobuz catalogue not in your library was underneath in the Qobuz row.

Maybe I need to find an old 1.7 image to explain. hmm.

Exactly this. Simon explained it far better than me.

This is actually not true, but it would be nice if it were.

If you look here:

I expressly mention that the library badge only appears for LOCAL content, when in the Discography tab. See how confusing this is?

In this screenshot ALL these albums showing in Discography are in my Library, but the Qobuz albums in my library don’t get the library badge :woozy_face:

I honestly don’t know if this is a bug or by design.

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They do for me. Odd thing is that my own cdrip is primary yet it shows the Qobuz versions here.

Another problem with discography is that if you want to play an album from the discography, even if the album is in your local library it plays the Tidal version. To play your own local file you have to go to versions and select your local album.
Logically it should play the primary version if you have the album in your library.

I have many dsd albums but this causes them to play in Tidal format. And there is the unnecessary network load
In their prime sections works better in this regard , the albums play the primary versions when selected
PS. lots of inconsistencies regarding my library… My library is a collection of albums in my local library plus the ones added from tidal/qobuz. Peoples understanding of how roon works has been messed with 1.8 not due to the changes made but the inconsistencies

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To check your full library of artist have to:

  • Open Artist
  • Got to Discography
  • Click show my library to filter
  • Optionally unclick default sorting by popularity

Now try to compare something or back… mouse is going to be red.

Overview besides tags is useless. There is now full list of albums. Propositions contains singles of songs from albums you have or what you listen or added recently.

Still no clue how to easy check what don’t have in my library except checking icons through all discography.

And the badge is so little that it is hard to see if your eyes parse through the list. At least the albums in the library should have a colored frame are something else that is easy to identify.

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Yep they need to respect the users primary version in all use cases. Too many simple errors of judgement in this release.

Edit. I just tried playing albums from discography that show as Qobuz and in my library where I have my rip as primary version it plays my version not Qobuz.

I see some strange behaviour here with me, different from yours (?):

You have 36 albums in the Discography, I only have 26.

In your picture, I see already 3 albums that do not appear with me (I have only Qobuz, not Tidal)
4 with Warren Ellis , 1 Various Artists, …

Then in Discography, all albums are shown with Qobuz symbol. This seems logic as I have no special Nick Cave records that would not be available at Qobuz.
I do however see albums that are Qobuz only and in My Library, see here some examples:


This isn’t true:

I don’t have any of these Lianne la Havas albums locally. So it doesn’t need to be local to be designated in your library.

This is most assuredly true, because look what happens when you click the library icon:

The third album “Is your love big enough”, wasn’t listed as in my library in one view, but is in another view, which I think is the root of the problem you are seeing.
I’m pretty sure that the root of this problem is Roon deals with Versions poorly. I don’t even want to get into that mess right now because it forces me to drink, and it’s only 2:30 pm here.


Yep same for me I get Qobuz and library icon when its in my library. Those with list library icon is my own rip not available in Qobuz. Then two that are from Qobuz in my library no local copy and one Qobuz not in my library.

Dirk, check below Main Album section if these albums not appearing in different category (differences in metadata between services?).

This seems to be related to the fact that the different versions have different original release dates. In the first picture 9. july, in the second 17. july 2012. You can test by adjusting one of the dates manually.

I did check but nothing to be found.

I checked on Qobuz and all the albums are there.

I have not added (at least) 1 album from Nick Cave collaboration with Warren Ellis.
Looking them up in Roon does not find any albums in Discography.
This was normal behaviour in 1.7 but this should not be the case in 1.8

Why the Jukebox album is not showing, is not clear.
Nick Cave is not the (main) artist, so that could explain it, but why does it then show with @anon55914447 ## dungeon-tier is unexplainable then.

I do not get it.


If you don’t see the “in library” badge go to settings > General > Customize Album Display and enable Show “in library” badge.