Can you access history of number of times I listen to a piece?

MacBook Air Mojave/Pro-Ject DAC/Roon 1.7 511

Hi everyone, this is my first post. I’ve just bought the lifetime subscription. I’m very much enjoying the Roon experience. Is there a way to search in history for the number of times I have played (through Roon obviously) a piece of music? Further, is this possible per track, per album, and perhaps more challenging, per piece (eg just one Symphony on an album with other music)? If not, I will just create tags for this (x1, x2, etc).

With thanks, Will

Hello Will. I’m afraid you can’t search (or even filter) in History. The best Roon can do is tell you how many times a track has been played (the number next to the triangle icon on the right of a track name.) If you are using something better than a tablet, there is a tool-tip for this; a mouseover will cause a pop-up with the date the track was last played.

In Album and Artist view there is a sorting “Sorted by most played”.
In track view there is a parameter that you need to activate called “plays”. It’s easy to find, if not let me know and I post some screenshots…


Unfortunately I cannot find this sort option with “songs” or “compositions”, if this is what you are looking for.
But I think the other mentioned sortings could be helpful though.

Will, are you familiar with
If not, you might want to check out its approach to analyzing your listening history.

Thank you everyone. Very helpful. Not sure I want to go down the scrobbling route Tom, but the record of the number of times a track has been played is enough for me. What goes for a track will go for the number of times I have played a Symphony on the whole. Still it would be nice someday/maybe if the history could be searched and filtered. Now onwards to hardware… (core host, ssd storage, etc).

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