Can you control a remote from Core?

I just installed my core on a Windows PC and a remote on a mac mini (the latter is connected to my DAC and stereo). Can I control playback on the remote (the Mac mini) from my Core machine? My mac runs in a headless mode, so it’s much more convenient if I can control from the core.


Sorry about replying to myself - I should have dug a little more. It looks like I just have to switch the Audio zone (to pick my remote audio zone) and then start playing something. It will start playing the selected zone now. Interestingly, I could not select a track and directly play to a zone.

Yah, our model usually is to have controllers in a room or on a wall or in a fixed location, so it makes sense to make the user go through a step to switch zones.

However, when you hit play, and the pawmasher (that’s what we call the giant buttons screen) appears, the lower left as your zone and you can quick switch there.

Can you tell me what your use case is that you need to switch zones often?

Thanks Danny. Actually I don’t have a use case where I need to switch zones frequently - I wanted to confirm that one can do it at all. And it looks like I can do it when I need to, thanks!

Also, once you have an Android (iPad) app, I assume you can switch zone as well? I.e., use the Android app to control the remote on Mac mini (today I do so with my JRemote app controlling the JRMC app)


Yes, Android/iPad will work just like the Mac/Windows application.

My Core is not seeing my Remote Zone…

Installed on two Mac Minis running latest Yosemite: Core on a desktop in office; a Remote install on the second Mini connected to the main audio rig. Core sees only its own system output. Remote can see both Core and its own output. How do I enable the Core to recognize the Remote as a Zone?

@bebop57 Select the three lines top left of main screen, then select settings, then setup, then enable accept connections from remote.

Thanks Ratbert, though I had already enabled remote connections as you advised. Had I not, I assume I would not have the ability to access the Core’s speaker output from the Remote? Funny it’s not working the other way around?

Are these zones on your remote marked as private?

Correct. Remote system audio marked as Private at install? Can this be changed?

For some of the drvices you can change settings and making them private or not is part of that sometimes.
Sorry, not behind Roon to check at the moment.

Any toggles are not obvious to me. I did switch around the installations, making the Core the Remote and the Remote the Core. Same result, cannot access Remote’s system audio from the Core.

As far I as I know a remote’s audio device will always be private and only accessible from the remote itself. The roon speakers application when available later this year will change that.

Yes, networked devices can be controlled from remote, as do outputs connected directly to your core.
Roonspeakers will come to the rescue for remotes in the (hopefully) not too distant future.