Can you control Playlist play-times?

Can Playlist be programmed to play once, twice or infinite times?
Also, is there a jukebox function where Playlist and/or Tracks are programmed to play in some predetermined sequence?

There is a Repeat control in the Queue screen, meaning it is available generally for playback of Playlists, Albums, Tracks etc. and can be set separately for different zones.

To access the Repeat control, start playback of a Playlist and click the Stave icon in the footer bar to access the Queue screen. The Repeat control is to the left of the progress bar and toggles between group repeat, single track repeat and off. When Repeat is active it will show to the left of the footer progress bar.

Repeat cannot be set for a specific number of loops, but the same result can be achieved using Play/Add to Queue for the number of loops required.

There is also a Shuffle control to the right of the Queue progress bar. When it is on any Playlist, Album or other group of tracks sent to the Queue will be shuffled. Shuffle toggles on and off and reshuffles when toggled on.

Tracks can be re-ordered in either Playlist or Queue by dragging them with the triple line icon.

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A sleep time function would be great for those wanting drift off to music without the need to wait out a whole playlist…I have it DS-Audio app on the NAS controllers and my wife loves that.

My amp will turn off with no music too…makes life good to save some power :stuck_out_tongue:

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