Can you sell your Roon lifetime membership [Answered - No]?

Can you sell your membership or transfer it to another person? Thanks

I’ve wondered about this as well.


Clause 1.1 of the Software Licence (emphasis added):

“Subject to the terms and conditions of this License you are hereby granted a limited non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Roon Software and the Documentation on the terms of this License.”

Hehe if you could it would be more than a lifetime licence!

Not if lifetime means as long as Roon is around

Clause 27.18 of the Fourth Appendix provides that upon winding up of Roon all lifetime licenses are to be terminated “with extreme prejudice” :kissing:.

If you sell it it becomes someone else’s lifetime and they sell it and so it goes. Could last well after the original purchaser is dead. That’s why it make sense to limit it to the original purchaser. Don’t know how Roon can police it though as userid and password can be shared.

Yeah, was a bit of joke. I should have included the smiley smirk :wink:


The questions on the forums seem to be categorised as…

  1. What happens if Tidal dies?
  2. What happens if Roon dies?
  3. What happens if the subscriber dies?



Hilarious! :grin:

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You forgot one:
What happens if my Kef LS50W dies?

In probability terms, I have an idea of which of the four is most likely! :slight_smile:


Oy! I’m not that old…


Well…if I die this weekend (I hope not), my wife might still enjoy my annual Roon sub and maybe continue the automatic re-up next spring. Who is to know?

If I had a lifetime sub, and the sign on stays the same, how would Roon know who is actually using the subscription?

It’s I conspiracy, I tell ya!

  1. Is MQA good or bad?
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Aw cmon. I thought we had conclusively answered that one…

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Can one give the lifetime subscription away, for free, to somebody else?

@andybob, does this apply to the EU? Thanks.

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The short answer is I don’t know.

The longer answer is that I understand the UsedSoft decision applies to software where the rights transferred to the first licensee are unlimited in time. A lifetime licence is not unlimited in time, it is limited to the life of the first acquirer.

I cannot, however, either give legal advice or speak for Roon.


@andybob than you very much.

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