Can you tell me how to mark an already listened album in roon?

Hi. I have almost 1,000 albums. Can you tell me how to mark an already listened album in roon?

Don’t think there is a mechanism for this. Only playing them in Roon will change a play count which when you add any music will be 0.

How roon handles this is focus.

If you look at the focus in the albums section (and I’m not in front of roon at the moment so my description may be a bit hazy) the is a focus for listen in the last x days which then has an all time option. This gives you a list of al the albums you’ve listened to. If you then invert the focus it will give you a list of all the albums you have not yet listened to.

Now I am not sure how much of an album one has to listen to in order for roon to consider it played but as I usually listen to full albums at a time I don’t find this an issue.

When I am in the focus screen of albums I have not listened to I created a bookmark which is updated live so my bookmark - unplayed LPs is always up to date.


Like @Sloop_John_B said, but in a visual context…

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We need a “mark as played” option. I rely heavily on my unplayed focus bookmark but I have lots of stuff i’ve added that i’ve listened too before that I really don’t want to listen too again just to get it off the unplayed bookmark… if this makes sense.

I’ve tried queing up a bunch to play over night but usually wake to find that Roon has done a No Audio Devices found at some point and not resumed playing the queued list. Something else that needs fixing.

You can create your own tag for that, and use focus on this tag.

I sometimes sort my albums my Most Played in reverse order and start listening. That’s usually when my Daily Playlist are getting tiresome and I need a change.